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Tera Andrews-Arnold

Customer Comments: Clean, helpful, and educational.

Dorian Eldridge

Customer Comments: Great fish selection, fantastic workers very helpful.

Joe Mcneal

Customer Comments: A chance friendly place.

Larry Ely

Customer Comments:
Fun place to see animals

Denise Morgan – Harmeling

Customer Comments: I always enjoy taking my pets "shopping " there.

Patricia McDonough

Customer Comments:
Very clean. Price were good. Got a toy for our dog that was back at home.

Christina Walker

Customer Comments: They have excellent employees, the store is pricey. But that's not there fault.

Lor Lyon

Customer Comments: My daughter loves it here

Ethan Deneski

Customer Comments: Great and friendly service, well attended pets and as always great products

Robert Depot

Customer Comments: The people are very nice and ploite

John Heckman

Customer Comments: I just purchased my first Saint Bernard pure breed dog from Petland and I love him. My dog was completely healthy and happy and has grown so quickly. "Sheldon" has become a member of our family and is quite the little character. I would recommend Petland's Dayton location to anyone and would especially recommend Cameron or Alexus. Both of these associates were very knowledgeable and helpful and let me see my dog over a few days as many times as I wanted with no pressure felt. I did finally decide to adopt Sheldon and they made sure we had everything we needed for our puppy but didn't try to push items that we really didn't need just yet. Petland even provided Sheldon's first vet visit, first FULL size bag of dog food and his first grooming appointment which we are looking forward to. I would definitely recommend this store to anyone seriously looking for a well taken care of, clean and all around happy puppy!!

H Jessen

Customer Comments: Employees are nice and the Dogs are great if you like them big like I do. German shepards, Huskys, Golden Retrievers. Little pricey but you get what you put out. Someone to Love as much as he is hoping for you.

Carlos Wilbanks

Customer Comments: The staff was very helpful courteous and kind the store was laid out very good that made it easy for for me to find what I needed

James Ward

Customer Comments: Great and friendly staff just bought a beautiful bly lab puppy today he was expensive but worth the years of love and joy he will be for me and my family alot better than some other local pet shops I went and clean thank you to the staff that was they're and the manager

Theresa Cummings

Customer Comments: I really just come to visit the animals with children. The staff treat me wonderfully even though I do not buy anything. I love the variety here and convenient location.

Brittney Goley

Customer Comments: I am 41 weeks pregnant, I had to get dog food. They welcomed me as soon as I walked in the door, the employees offered help. I went to check out and the lady at the counter carried the dog food to my car for me. VERY HELPFUL!

Suz Deangelo

Customer Comments: A great selection of pets. A wide range of food brands with competitive prices. Lots of toys, collars, harnesses, leashes, training aids, kennel cages, travel containers, flea & tick preventives, wormers, other needed accessories, etc. Attentive staff, eager to assist. Nadia was very knowledgeable & helpful during my shopping trips. I want to mention that the various companion pets are of good quality & well cared for. I'm well pleased with my numerous experiences with this business.

Jeff Russell

Customer Comments: Great experience purchasing our Great Dane! He is the perfect pet in great condition and health. The sales people were very helpful and patient, never trying to force anything down our throats! Highly recommend.

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