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Petland Dayton



February 23, 2023

Me and my children bought 5 small African cichlids and one peacock African cichlid. I had no other fish in my tank except for an algae eater that I’ve had for a very long time. My kids love him and named him Dorito, because his Top Fin looks like a Dorito. I brought the fish home and on day eight (the day after the refund period) one of them had white spots all over it and then ended up dying quickly after I noticed the white spots. Within the next week the rest of them started dying off and today the last fish died as well as my plecostomus. When I called the pet store I was told it was past the refund point and there was nothing they could do. My children are so sad and upset, as am I!!!! This pet store is a joke!! The fact that your animals are already infected with various illnesses that you then sell to the public… is ridiculous. You’ve killed a pet that we’ve had for a very long time needlessly….and with no offer of assistance or reimbursement or anyting to make the situation right. I would not recommend coming to this terrible awful pet store & I will tell anyone that listens what a joke this place is and to stay away from it!!!

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