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Petland Dayton

Amber Kennedy

Amber Kennedy

February 23, 2023

I highly enjoy this Dayton location or Columbus. When coming here after had visiting the one in Fairfield. I was so relieved. our first trip to Fairfield petland was awful, the lady was rude and provided a puppy to us that was sick and shaking, she didn’t even care that wasn’t the one we wanted to see, then on top of that gave us only about 10 mins a d just took it away. second time going was once again disappointing. we had asked to see a puppy and we received the little guy with throw up in his forehead, it was pretty awful. after great consideration I will not return to the Fairfield location. I will stick with Dayton and Columbus, its more of a drive but best believes it’s worth it. Dayton has been phenomenal with knowledge and respect for you upon walking through those doors. you can tell the pets there are very well taken care of, all are happy and you can definitely see that they care for their animals.
I can say just the same for Columbus as well. although I won’t be making a dog purchase here only due to price, I will definately be around to get the supplies and to continue visiting the happy pets. Than you Dayton and Columbus locations.

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